Book Support

The U.S. Air Force Book Support Program provides support to authors publishing books, both fiction and non-fiction, with Air Force related content.  The Air Force National Media Engagement office in New York City is the initial contact for processing Book Program requests.

The U.S. Air Force Book Support Program provides authors a convenient, single location to submit requests for information, interviews, base tours and other related needs.

To initiate the process, please click on the "USAF Book Support Request Form" link below to download the form. Return the completed form and any supporting documentation to the National Media Engagement Office by e-mail or postal mail.  Requesters can expect a reply from the program manger within one full work week of receipt of the fully-completed form and all supporting documentation.

Once a project is approved for official support, the author will receive a letter indicating that approval.  The author is then free to contact the Public Affairs offices at the bases he or she is interested in visiting.  Participation by the affected units is at the sole discretion of that unit's chain of command. 

USAF Book Support Request Form 

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USAF Book Support Program
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